Company Profile

SDT Space & Defence Technologies Inc. (SDT) is a privately owned Turkish company which has been developing indigenous software, hardware and integrated solutions for Defence, Space and Aviation areas since February 2005. SDT’s facilities are located at METU Technopolis Area.

SDT possesses special expertise in Radar-EW signal processing, image processing/pattern recognition, embedded software/systems, satellite technologies and simulation & training systems. SDT is very well recognized by SSM (Undersecretariat For the Turkish Defense Industries) and is also a full member of SASAD (the Defense Industry Manufacturers Association of Turkey).

SDT’s Quality System is established per ISO 9001:2008 and it is certified per ISO 9001:2008. SDT’s operations and products meet internationally accepted engineering, quality management, configuration management and program management standards, among them, there are ISO 9001:2008, IEEE 12207, IEEE 1220, MIL-STD-498 and MIL-ST-973 and PMI/PMPHandbook. Currently, SDT is fulfilling several direct development contracts with SSM as well as development and production contracts with main system integrators.

Organization Chart

Quality System

SDT Quality Management System has been established in order to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, satisfying the customer needs even beyond their expectations. The Quality Management System of SDT is also followed / assessed regularly in order to evaluate its effectiveness and status. The product / outputs and processes applied during the Project Life Cycle’s compatibility with NATO Standards and the related international standards are provided through the constructed systematic and principled structure that enables satisfying the requirements.

Quality Policy

Complying the requirements of all stakeholders thoroughly in a timely manner and being a company that applies the committed Quality Management System, SDT has principles of

  • Providing cost effective and innovative solutions for the customers by utilizing gathered experience and knowledge in Defence and Space areas,
  • Completing the projects and responsibilities in determined durations and schedules,
  • Providing a proactive and continuously improved environment with all shareholders and employees.
  • Ensuring and improving satisfaction of customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, subcontractors and business partners,
  • Continuous improvement and progress of all activities and processes.


To provide sustainable, competitive and reliable Turkish products and engineering solutions both in national and international markets by respecting all stakeholders’ interests.


  • a preferred company both in national and international markets due to its designed & manufactured products
  • an efficient and effective company that grows both in domestic and international markets via its cooperation & teaming approach and
  • a company that improves the satisfaction of its employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers and the whole society.

Quality Certificates and Processes

Quality System

ISO 9001:2008

Compatible with

AQAP 160

Software Development

IEEE 12207

Configuration Management


Project Management

PMI Standards

Internal studies for software development & verifications