Wideband Digital Receiver

Wideband Digital Receiver

Electronic Warfare (EW) Systems

Wideband Digital Receiver measures parameters of radar signals with high precision and accuracy. The receiver accepts IF inputs centered at 1800 MHz with 1GHz bandwidth for wide-band channel, at 160MHz with 10/20/40/80 MHz selectable bandwidth for narrow-band channel and generates digital Pulse Descriptor Words (PDW) for radar signal analysis and identification. This unit can be synchronized with Wide Band Microwave Receiverthe RF front-end provided by SDT. Number of concurrently processed narrow-band channels can be optionally increased up to three.


  • Concurrent PDW Generation from Wide-Band & Narrow- Band channels
  • Accepts Wide-band Channel IF Input at 1800 MHz
  • 1000 MHz Processed Instantaneous Bandwidth at Wide-Band
  • Accepts Narrow-Band Channel IF Inputs at 160MHz
  • Up to 80 MHz Processed Instantaneous Bandwidth at Narrow-Band
  • Automatic & Manual Detection Threshold Control
  • Sweep and Scan Tuning Modes – with RF Front-End Synchronization
  • Built-In-Test Capability
  • Ethernet 1000 Base-T
  • 6 U, 19” Rack

Application Areas

  • Electronic Intelligence (ELINT)
  • Communication Intelligence (COMINT)
  • Radar Warning Receivers (RWR)