Anti-Drone Systems

Anti Drone

AVCI Anti-Drone System

The SDT AVCI Anti-Drone System is designed to detect, monitor and neutralize Mini/Micro Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in rural or urban areas.

Detection, Monitoring & Neutralisation

Main Features

  • Detection and tracking of multiple threats (UAV) with radar
  • Identification and tracking of threats with cameras
  • Direction estimation of Drone and Pilot with RF Sensors
  • Directional and Co-Directional Jamming/Neutralization
  • Programmable System Control
    • Manual, and Semi- and Fully-Automatic Modes,
    • Jamming/Neutralization Control,
    • GIS Features, Filtering, Alarm and Friendly zone determination, etc.
  • Built-in-Test (BIT)
  • Configurability for fixed or mobile operation

Basic Advantages

  • Short Reaction Time
  • Threat Classification (supported by Deep Learning/Artificial Intelligence Techniques)
  • User-Friendly/Maximum Autonomous Operation
  • Fully Customizable/Adaptable (Modular Design and Open System Architecture)
  • Best Coverage and Range efficiency with Distributed System Resolution
  • Cost-Effectiveness with Full Customizability

Fully Customizable System for Accurate Results

2.1 Radar

  • 3D Target Detection
  • Detection range: up to 5 km * (depending on RCS)
  • Minimum target size (RCS): 0.01 m2
  • Wide range of configurable Horizontal/Vertical coverage options

2.2 Imaging Sub-System

Various Camera options • EO + Thermal (with/without cooling)

2.3 RF Sensor

Detects the presence of drones by scanning the frequencies at which many drones are known to operate.

  • Detection Range up to 5 km (Drone and Pilot)
  • Synchronous 4-channel Software-Based Radio (SDR) infrastructure
  • Frequency Band [400MHz, 6GHz]
  • Configurable bandwidth

2.4 RF Jammer

The SDT RF Jamming/Neutralization Subsystem is a field proven system that is widely used by the Turkish Armed Forces and government institutions.

Modular frequency infrastructure

  • Drone Command and Data Link Frequencies
  • GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU ...) Frequencies
  • Wi-fi Frequencies
  • Simultaneous multi-frequency jamming
  • High-Gain multiband Directional Antenna System
  • Broadband Co-Directional Antennas that can be used to counter Swarm Attacks
  • Configurable High Output Power
  • SDR-Based Intelligent Jamming Signal Generation

Anti Drone Sistemi

Anti Drone Sistemi

Anti Drone Sistemi 3

Tactical Mobile Anti-Drone

The Tactical Mobile Anti-Drone System offers tactically directional and co-directional solutions to command-controlled or autonomous GNSS-directed threats.

The ergonomic, modular and lightweight solution offered by the manpack-type jammer system in the inventory is also applied to this device, which has been customized to counter drone threats.

The user can take action against drone threats which are detected visually from a distance, by aiming the system using the directional antenna and the binoculars provided with the weapon.

To protect areas against multiple drone threats, actions involving a omni-directional antenna system can be taken.

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