Launcher Remote
Control System

Lancer Uzak Komuta Sistemi

The Launcher Remote Control System has been designed to integrate missile launchers into platforms without the need for software upgrades to the mission computer of the platform. The system can communicate directly with the electronic units of the launcher thanks to the error-protected user interface for the firing operator and through RS422/CAN/Ethernet data channels. Its integral features make it a highly effective solution for launcher integration programmes in terms of cost and time.

  • 128x64 pixel resolution OLED Display
  • 4-way joystick
  • 2 toggle switches for power line control
  • Power status LEDs
  • FPGA & DSP based architecture
  • MIL-STD-810F
  • MIL-STD-461E
  • Weight: 3 kg
  • Dimensions: 120mm/150mm/220mm

Lancer Uzak Komuta Sistemi 1

Lancer Uzak Komuta Sistemi 2   Lancer Uzak Komuta Sistemi 3

Lancer Uzak Komuta Sistemi 4


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