Missile Fire
Control Unit

Fuze Atis Kontrol Unitesi

The Fire Control Unit is the electronic work package of the Medium-Range Anti-Tank Missile Launcher System, and has two different modes: tactical mode and simulation mode. Since it can simulate all fire control operations in tactical mode for training purposes, it allows the user to train without the need for an external device.

  • Simulation on operating system
  • Scenarios featuring different terrains loaded onto the system
  • Ability to load additional scenarios and models
  • Simulation with realistic weather conditions
  • Fixed and moving target model
  • Mission route assignment for moving targets
  • Moving targets that follow the topography
  • Creation of realistic scenes through the inclusion of shadow effects
  • Realistic explosion, burning and smoke effects
  • Distance measurement in the virtual world
  • Browser image simulation
  • Weapon guidance model
  • Launch-update missile model

Fuze Atis Kontrol Unitesi 2

Fuze Atis Kontrol Unitesi 3

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