Radar, Electronic Warfare and
Communication Systems

SDT has been engaged in the production of Electronic Warfare solutions since the day of its establishment. As part of its efforts, SDT has been carrying out projects and developing products in both the RF and IR bands. Aside from its EW mission systems, it has developed various products for the testing, measurement and evaluation of existing EW Systems.

Radar Systems

With knowledge and experience gained in studies since 2006 in the development of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) sensors, SDT is working to develop Radar capabilities that can be used for missions such as Border Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection, Anti Drone, etc. The frequency band, modulation type, etc. specifications of the 3D Radar systems being developed are suitable for use both in military and civilian applications. simultaneous product development and trial studies are on schedule to translate into field applications accessible to the user in the near future.

Communication Systems

SDT develops data link solutions for such applications as the transfer of simulation data between combat aircraft, and for the sharing of intra-flight data etc., that require point-to-point or broadcast data transfer, and integrates these products into the platforms of both the Turkish Armed Forces and friendly and allied nations.

Currently, data link systems are used on such platforms as the F-4 and F-16 of TAF, and the KF-21 new-generation combat aircraft of South Korea.

The developed data link system is in use in Military Tactical Data Link systems and in multiple access data link systems for the training of Air Force staff, and for the control and coordination of, and receipt of payload information from UAVs, for telemetry applications on air platforms, and for safety and security applications in support of aerial surveillance.

Electronic Warfare Systems

SDT provides subsystems and system-level products to Electronic Warfare systems of all kinds, supporting Electronic Intelligence (ELINT), Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) and Communication Intelligence (COMINT). The EW products developed by SDT have seen active use in the field and in combat, and are successfully serving the Turkish Armed Forces and security forces. Among the products developed in this field are hardware units, such as Electronic Warfare Recording Units and Analog/Digital Receivers, as well as such software as Offline Signal Processing Software, Signal Source Detection Software and Sub-Noise Signal Detection Software.

The integrated systems developed by SDT as turnkey solutions and that are being used by end-users in the field include a Radar Signal Analysis System, ESM/ELINT Systems, Radar and Communication Signal Simulators, IR Guided Missile Simulator.

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