Data Recording System

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DIGITAL DATA RECORDING SYSTEM (DDR) records the digital control data, video and audio signals produced by the platform. Examples of digital control data types are data received through MIL-STD-1553B, ARINC429, CAN and Ethernet data buses. PAL, NTSC, RS170, RS343, DVI, SDI or DisplayPort video interfaces are supported. Digital control data can be recorded by directly listening bus transactions on data communication lines, or by sending data directly to the recording system of the central control units.

Video and audio data received by the DDR are recorded after being compressed using high-efficiency algorithms. Removable memory units used for recording provide access to data after the flight via connection to a ground support computer using standard industrial interfaces (USB, Ethernet, SATA, etc.).


SDT has modified its Digital Data Recording System (DDR) product family developed for aerial platforms to satisfy the needs of the civilian sector. To this end, the needs of theytransportation sector were evaluated, and the DDR products that were developed for military purposes were adapted to railway systems.

Main Features

  • High-resolution video and audio recording (PAL/NTSC/RS170)
  • MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC-429 Avionic data bus recording capability
  • Ability to share task data via Ethernet
  • Simultaneous replay of recorded data
  • Controllable via MIL-STD-1553 Ethernet serial and discrete interfaces
  • Event marking
  • Secure data purging interface
  • Removable SSD memory unit (512 GB Capacity)
  • Ground support computer for maintenance
  • Ground debriefing station
  • 512 GB SSD removable memory
  • 4-Channel MIL-STD-1553
  • 4-Channel PAL/NTSC/RS170 Video recording interface
  • 3-Channel Displayport Video recording interface
  • 2-Channel HDMI Video recording interface
  • 2-Channel SDI Video recording interface

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