Video Encoding Unit (VEU)

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Missile VideoDecoding/Encoding Unit comprises two parts. The first part is the Video Encoding Unit (VEU) inside the missile. This unit compresses the digital video data received from the onboard imaging source of the missile by using the JPEG 2000 algorithm, and transmits it to the VideoDecoding Unit (VDU) of the Launch System or the Launcher via the RS485 UART data bus through a data link or the central link. The second part is the VDU on the launcher or launch system. This unit processes the data sent by the VEU and provides a video image.

  • Compression of Video provided by Missile Seekers
  • (+) (-) 5% data output accuracy
  • RS-485 compressed Video Output on the VDU (JPEG 2000 Format)
  • DVI Format Digital Video Input on VEU
  • RS-170 Video Output and RS-485 Digital Video Input on VEU
  • Data source selection via VEU
  • RS-485 interface for the Software/Embedded software and Configuration that can be loaded onto the VEU and VDU
  • Delay less than 2 degrees.
  • FPGA based design
  • Low power consumption
  • Compliance with military-grade standards

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