Mission Systems

Established in February 2005, SDT Space and Defence Technologies started out as a defence company with primary focus on product development through R&D. SDT has opted to develop national products in such fields to eliminate foreign dependencies. The company was able to complete the first phase of its establishment and matured its internal R&D studies to a certain level in a short time, and has since 2007 been engaged in the design and mass production of hardware/software integration products as a “product supplier” defence technology company.  

Platform Management Systems

Many of SDT’s hardware/software integration electronic products are already in use on various platforms, including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), trainer aircraft, helicopters, jet aircraft, cargo aircraft and tactical land vehicles, to satisfy the vital needs of the Turkish Armed Forces.

Interface & Control Systems

SDT develops and produces plug-in and interface and control sub-systems, platform communication and precision sub system guidance functions of platform.

Digital Data Recorders

The Digital Data Recorder (DDR) product family includes various products developed to meet the different mission-recording needs of military and civilian platforms. The DDR product family includes recording systems that can record and simultaneously replay the data developed by all kinds of digital/analog audio and video and delivered by military/civilian data bus and serial/parallel interfaces.

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