Tactical Mobile Anti Drone Rifle system

Tactical Mobile Anti Drone Rifle system offers directional and Omni-directional solutions (selected by the operator) for pilot-controlled or autonomous GNSS-guided (waypoint) drone threats.

The field proven ergonomic, modular and light-weight solution of the legacy RF Jammer system is customized for drone threats within this system.

The scope on the rifle is used to aim to the threat and neutralize it with directional antenna system.

For multiple drone threats or area protection, Omni-directional antenna system is used.

  • Field Proven ergonomic and efficient design
  • Directional and Omni-Directional Jamming Infrastructure
  • RF Jamming Frequencies include;
    -GNSS Frequencies
    -Drone Control and Data Links
  • Area Protection (fixed use)
    -Omni-Directional Antennas for area coverage
    -Remote Control (option)
    -Continuous operation from mains (220 Vac or other) (option)
  • Different battery options are available upon request

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