RF Signal Analysis
System (ELINT)

Rf Sinyal Analiz Sistemi


The ESM/ELINT System is used for the automatic detection & tracking, identification, direction estimation and analysis of all types of radar signals. The system can detect various types of radar operating in all standard radar bands, from 0.5 to 18GHz, and from 18 to 40 GHz, and can capture and analyse complex signals, including fixed or agile PRI, pulsed Doppler signals and CW signals. It can also analyse specific signals, such as LPI signals, which can be difficult to capture and process. The system is thus capable of detecting almost all types of existing military and civilian radars, as well as advanced systems that may be developed in the future. The system incudes digital receivers, broadband, narrowband and IFM receivers, and working in conjunction with an antenna system, achieves a Probability of Intercept (POI) close to 100%. The multi-channel digital receiver with an interferometer antenna array provides a pulse-based direction estimation capability, resulting in outstanding ESM performance.

  • Detection and recording of the signals emitted by target radar and EW jammer platforms in the test and evaluation environment,
  • Measuring the broadcast parameters of the target radar and the jamming technique parameters of the Electronic Warfare system,
  • Analysis of interference with target radar signals and of jamming technique effectiveness.

Main Features

  • Frequency Bands: 0,5 - 18 GHz & 18 - 40 GHz
  • Signal Types: Pulse & CW
  • Intense Signal Environment

Operation Status

The system has been installed at the Konya Electronic Warfare Testing and Training Field and is in operation.

Rf Sinyal Analiz Sistemi 1

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