Man-Portable DF - COMINT System

DF Sistemleri

Man Portable Commint System

It is a man-portable Communication Intelligence (COMINT) system, that can be used for Wide Band Signal Monitoring and Direction Finding.

With this system, it is possible;

  • to detect communication signals within the band in the operational area,
  • to estimate their direction and
  • to analyze the signals.

By using multiple systems together, the location of the signal source can be determined.

The Man-Portable COMINT System, which is being developed with indigenous SDT system/hardware designs, will be compact, suitable for mobile use, and can be used on a tripod or fixed structure. In the future, it is aimed to be adaptive to different platforms such as wheeled vehicles, UAVs, etc.

The system will have an infrastructure that will enable the application of modern techniques such as Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence for signal classification. As the system is used in the field, the signal threat library will be continuously updated.

Key Features

  • Narrow / wideband signal detection, direction finding, signal classification
  • Operating Frequency Range: 30 MHz - 6 GHz
  • Direction Finding Accuracy <= 5° RMS (azimuth)
  • 360° azimuth coverage
  • I/Q data recording and offline analysis
  • Can be carried and deployed by 2 people
  • Waterproof, dust proof
  • Compliant with military standards

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