Business Partners

SDT Space & Defence Technologies Inc. requires our company to provide superior and sustainable business performance.

At this point, we consider our Suppliers not only as valuable Business Partners, but also as an integral part of our team that support us in meeting the most challenging demands of our customers through the provision of innovative and cost-effective solutions that comply with our high-quality and performance standards.

Our primary goal, with a view to achieving long-term sustainability, is to maintain our high-quality Supply Management approach based on the mutual win-win relationship we develop with our suppliers, supported dynamically and effectively in operations, adopting continuous development and progress as a common value, seeking the most cost-effective solutions and open to let you valuable Business Partners benefit from the superior business performance that arises.

If you are interested in becoming our Supplier in light of this goal, please review our Supplier Clarification Text and General Conditions of Purchase Orders and fill out the Supplier Form. For all bid, tender and order processes, you can contact our Purchasing Department which can address any commercial or technical concerns you may have by sending an e-mail to

Information for our suppliers:

  • Our suppliers are KINDLY REQUESTED to send all e-archive invoices they issue to us to the Order Official and to
  • You can contact us via with any questions you may have or to obtain information regarding reconciliation.
  • You can contact us by sending an e-mail to the “Respective Purchasing Official” if you have any questions or need information regarding financing.


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