SDT continues its activities in the METU TECHNOPOLIS campus. The joint projects we are carrying out with universities are focused on algorithmic applications and technical issues. We employ engineers and students who are continuing their master’s and PhD’s in line with the studies we carry out together within the technopolis. SDT currently has more than 240 employees, most of whom are engineers with Master’s degrees, and some of whom have PhDs.

Our Employee Experience Group analyses existing needs going by our experience, and takes care to keep our processes dynamic. We consider our employees to be our most important asset, and as such we respect their opinions and pay close attention to their suggestions.

Through our Reward Management System, we aim to increase the performance and motivation of our employees, to encourage them, to reinforce their belief in the goals and values of SDT, and to support appropriate behaviours.

In regards to the employment relationship we develop with all of our employees, we offer equal opportunities in terms of remuneration, participation in training, promotion, retirement and all employment conditions. We provide a safe working environment and conditions in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety regulations.


Our Values

Çözüm Odaklı




Verimli Ve Etkin

Efficient and Effective

Takım Ruhu

Team Spirit

Sürekli Iyileşme Ve Gelişim

Continuous Improvement and Development



Fringe Benefits

Özel Sağlık Sigortası

Private Health Insurance

Yemek Yardımı

Food Allowance

Ek Izin Tanımlamaları

Additional Leave

Yol Yardımı

Transportation Allowance

Training and Development

Your training and development begin when you first step into SDT. Our Orientation Programme provides training in the functions of our departments to our new colleagues. To ensure that our new colleagues get to know SDT better, we include them in the General Orientation Programme, explaining in detail the organizational structure of our company and the fields in which it operates.

We organize both remote and classroom training to increase the professional knowledge and experience of our employees and to ensure their personal development. We support our employees in their participation of significant conferences, seminars and workshops, both in Turkey and abroad, and provide them with e-training on various subjects.

Our employees can take leave to further their academic endeavours, such as for postgraduate, MBA and PhD studies.

Internship Programme

We have Summer Term Internship Programme, a Joint Education Internship Programme and a Vocational High School Internship Programme through which we employ interns within the annually determined quotas.

Summer Term Internship Programme:  The internship periods of university students in the Summer Term Internship Programme is as stipulated by the university.

Joint Education Programme:  This programme is implemented in accordance with the joint education protocols signed with various universities. The internship period begins at the beginning of the academic calendar of the semester in which the student will be employed as an intern, and ends at the end of the same academic year.

Vocational High School Internship Programme: Under this programme, students of Vocational High Schools, Business High Schools and Anatolian Vocational High Schools serve as interns at SDT. The internship continues for the period determined by their schools, ensuring their professional development.

Sdt Aday Muhendislik

Candidate Engineer Programme

We implement the Candidate Engineer Programme to identify talented students who will shape the future, providing them with the opportunity to experience professional working life before graduation.

The application requirements and the departments falling under the Candidate Engineers Programme, which provides students with the opportunity for personal and professional development over a period of 6 months, are as follows:

Application Requirements

  • Being a senior student in relevant engineering departments and basic sciences faculties;
  • Having an average academic grade of at least 2.75 out of 4.00;
  • Being fluent in English (reading-writing-speaking), certified with TOEFL, IELTS, YDS, YÖKDİL, etc;
  • Able to work in the company for at least six working days per month.

Apply to the candidate engineers programme.


The departments with candidate engineer positions include:

  • Remote Sensing Systems
  • Electronic Warfare Systems
  • Communication Systems
  • Simulation Systems
  • Mission Systems


  • Production Programmes
  • Aerospace Systems
  • Image Processing Technologies
  • Autonomous Systems


  • Information Technologies and Information Security
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Testing Systems


Recruitment Policy

In our recruitment processes, we evaluate all candidates in line with the principle of equality, with no discrimination in terms of age, gender, race, religion, language, marital status, ethnicity, political opinion, sexual orientation, belief, social or economic status, disability, pregnancy or military service status.

We use online platforms, such as Kariyer.Net, LinkedIn and Vizyoner Genç, for our selection and recruitment processes. 

Recruitment Processes

Basvurularin Alinmasi

Receiving applications

On Degerlendirme

Preliminary evaluation process

Ik Degerlendirme

Interview and evaluation by HR

Teknik Mulakatlar

Technical interviews

Referans Kontrolu

Reference checks (based on explicit consent)

Is Teklifinin Savunmasi

Making a job offer

You can send an e-mail to for direct applications.

Job Opportunities


Job Description:

  • Carrying out software design, development, testing, integration and documentation activities in simulation and training system projects,
  • Building software architectures that meet specific project requirements,
  • Performing the software development activities required by the project,
  • Completion of the assigned tasks on time and in full.

General Qualifications:

We are searching for Software Engineers with the following qualifications:

  • Graduated from Computer Engineering or similar departments of universities,
  • Participated in game or simulator projects,
  • Enjoy playing games,
  • At least 3 years experience in the following subjects:

         - Development of games or simulations with such game development platforms as Unity, Unreal Engine, VBS,

         - Game/Level design,

        - Experience in the application of 2D/3D mathematics (linear algebra, matrix calculation, quaternion, etc.),

        - Experience in front-end design using HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.,

         - Software development with C/C++.

  • Experienced in relational database design and querying,
  • Experienced in object-oriented software development methodologies and design patterns,
  • Willingness to research and learn new technologies and solutions,
  • Use of version control software,
  • Experience with continuous integration tools,
  • Fluency in English,
  • Having completed military service or postponed for at least 2 years for male candidates,
  • No restriction on domestic travel.



General Qualifications:

We are searching for Testing Engineers with the following qualifications:

  • Graduated from Computer Engineering or Electrical and Electronics Engineering departments of universities,
  • Having at least two years of software and system-level testing experience,
  • Having experience with software and system-level testing methods and standards,
  • Having sufficient software knowledge to perform test automations,
  • Experience with TCP/UDP and Serial Communication Interfaces (such as MIL-STD 1553, RS422, RS485, RS232),
  • Fluency in English,
  • Prone to teamwork, responsible, successful in problem solving,
  • Having no restrictions on domestic/international travel,
  • Military service completed, exempted or postponed for at least 2 years for male candidates.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience in functional testing, integration and user acceptance testing in Defence Projects,
  • Knowledge of hardware tests,
  • Experience in software development with such languages ​as C++, Java, etc.
  • Experience in embedded software testing,
  • Experience in Docker and Kubernetes technologies,
  • Experience with SOAP and REST service tests,
  • Possessing an ISTQB Foundation-Level Test certificate,
  • Experience with at least one project/test management tool (JIRA, DOORS, HP, ALM, TFS etc.),
  • Knowledge of ISO 9001:2015, AS9100 Rev.D, AS9102, AQAP2310, AQAP2210 and IEE/EIA 12207 standards.

Job Description:

  • Making test plans for the SDT A.Ş. projects to which s/he is assigned,
  • Preparation of testing documents, data and environments in accordance with the project schedule,
  • Performing and reporting on software, hardware- and system-level testing activities,
  • Preparing test automation scripts in projects as applicable.



We are searching for “Production Planning Engineers” with the following qualifications:

  • Graduated from Industrial Engineering departments of universities,
  • Preferably experienced in production planning, stock management, MRP, supply chain,
  • Able to work in a team, able work under intense pressure, open to development,
  • Can ensure interdepartmental reporting, work follow-up and coordination,
  • Fluency in English,
  • Full knowledge of Microsoft Office programmes,
  • Having completed military service for male candidates.



General Qualifications:

We are searching for Quality Assurance Engineers with the following qualifications:

  • Graduated from a university engineering department,
  • Having at least 3 years of experience,
  • Having knowledge of Configuration Management tools (SVN, etc.) and change and error management tools (Jira, IBM Rational ClearQuest, Mantis, etc.),
  • Fluency in English,
  • Careful, meticulous, patient and constructive in human relations, prone to teamwork, capable of taking responsibility, enjoying finding solutions, able to work in a busy working environment, having no restrictions on travel.

Job Description:

  • Ensuring the effective implementation of the Quality Management system in accordance with the provisions of ISO 9001:2015, AS9100 Rev.D, AS9102, AQAP 2310, AQAP 2210 and IEEE 12207,
  • Preparing quality assurance plans for projects,
  • Maintaining product and process quality assurance throughout the term of the project in accordance with relevant plans, contracts and standards,
  • Ensuring the procurement, production and inspection processes are carried out in accordance with workmanship standards and product documents, making the necessary reviews and coordinating the elimination of nonconformities,
  • Maintaining and coordinating Production Quality Assurance activities in accordance with the above,
  • Keeping the document management system up-to-date,
  • Participating in the verification and qualification testing of projects,
  • Carrying out subcontractor and internal audits,
  • Providing support to process studies.



General Qualifications:

We are searching for Product Support Engineers with the following qualifications:

  • Graduated from Electrical and Electronics Engineering departments of universities,
  • Preferably with at least 5 years experience in integrated logistics support engineering,
  • Open to teamwork, strong communication skills, responsible,
  • Fluency in English.

Job Description:

  • Taking care of the technical aspects and control of ILS programmes of projects,
  • MTTR and MTBF documentation and analysis,
  • Carrying out and documentation of Reliability, Testability, Safety and Maintainability Analyses
  • Identifying all possible errors in products, their causes and their effects on the system, and determining the approaches to be followed for the elimination of such errors, and making FMECA analyses,
  • Determining the duration of downtime and assessing the time, manpower and materials used in repairs,
  • Preparing user manuals and maintenance & repair booklets,
  • Preparing a maintenance plan that describes in detail maintenance organization, authorized personnel, preventive and corrective maintenance operations, spare parts, testing equipment and tools, for equipment or system support,
  • Identifying and integrating all logistics support requirements, analysing alternative designs, operations and support solutions,
  • Suggesting Form-Fit-Function equivalents for obsolete materials.


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